Produzione di reti elettrosaldate

wire mesh

ViDiMa manufactures electrowelded wire mesh with a maximum width of up to 2.5 m and a maximum length of up to 6 m, with no limits in terms of minimum size or dimension of the mesh.

Meshes may be produced with:

  • Hot-dipped galvanised wire
  • Zinc/aluminium coated wire
  • Blank wire (polished)
  • AISI 304 – AISI 316 Stainless Steel Wire

Our types of mesh

Reti con spuntoni
Barbed mesh
Rete con diametri diversi in entrambi i sensi
Mesh with different diameters on both longitudinal and transverse wires
Rete con telaio all'interno
Mesh with internal frame
Reti rifilate
Trimmed mesh
Rete con telaio perimetrale
Mesh with perimeter frames
Rete con scantonatura interna
Mesh with internal notching
Rete con diametri diversi
Mesh with different diameters between the longitudinal and transverse planes
Rete con due telai perimetrali
Mesh with two perimeter frames
Rete con scantonatura esterna
Mesh with external notching

production range

1.4 mm

wire Ø min.

8 mm

wire Ø max.

2500 mm

max. width

6000 mm

max. length

Other types of products
Produzione di cornici e telai

frames & framing

Prodotti derivati da reti elettrosaldate

wire mesh products

Prodotti derivati da cornici e telai

frames & framing products

Prodotti derivati da reti e telai

mesh and framing productsI

made-to-measure products

ViDiMa is able to produce large and small personalised batches based on customer-specific requirements, thanks to its flexibility.
The entire process is followed by our technical department, which assists the customer starting with the design to choosing the best technical solutions.