ViDiMa s.r.l. electric welded wire mesh and wire mesh products, wire articles of each type
Thanks to its wire straightening and cutting machines and to its fully automatic welding machines, VIDIMA produces welded wire mesh in a wide range of sizes: up to a maximum width of 2,500 mm and a maximum length of 4,500 mm, without any limits as regards the minimum size.

The wire mesh is produced with hot dipped galvanized wire or glossy wire which can be chrome coated, mostly raw but also treated on request.

VIDIMA also manufactures stainless steel but only on a made to order basis; moreover VIDIMA specializes in the manufacture of metal wire with a diameter from 1.40 mm to 5.00 mm (standard size) with the possibility to choose a diameter from 1.20 mm to 8.00 mm on special orders.

VIDIMA can build mesh of different shapes: square, rectangular or irregular shapes according to their use and the technical specifications required by the customer. Mesh sizes may vary, depending on the diameter of the wire used, from a minimum of 7 mm to a maximum of 200/250 mm.