ViDiMa s.r.l. electric welded wire mesh and wire mesh products, wire articles of each type
Wire mesh for the production of industrial baskets
This kind of mesh is very resistant and it can withstand high levels of load stress, thanks to the welding process.

Wire mesh for the production of safety panels
Mesh that may be supplied in flat panels, or they can be bent and epoxy coated, ready to be mounted on the machine for which they have been created.

Wire mesh for the production of machine protection
Mesh which comply with the industrial injuries legislation in force. The dimensional tolerances of the panel, especially the diagonal ones, are very important.
Wire mesh for the production of display stands
Structures which support hooks, shelves or baskets are the most common examples of display stands made of wire.Smooth finishes free from spikes or sharp edges are important for this kind of mesh.

Wire mesh for the production of antennas
Wire mesh produced with high quality hot-dipped galvanized wire to prevent oxidation caused by weathering . The mesh for the antennas have particular measures of meshes near the fixing points. The production of this kind of mesh ends with coating or plastic coating process.