ViDiMa s.r.l. electric welded wire mesh and wire mesh products, wire articles of each type
Wire mesh for the production of cages for factory farming
Wire mesh produced with high quality hot-dipped galvanized wire to prevent oxidation due to direct or indirect contact with the animal droppings in the cages. Being inserted into support structures, particular importance is given to the dimensional aspects. According to the customer’s request it is possible to make notches on the edge of the mesh or within the mesh itself and thus create perimetric shapes.
Wire mesh for the production of cages for hobby farming
Wire mesh produced with pre - galvanized wire
The flexibility of the production system by VIDIMA allows the production of wire mesh with size and wire diameter according to the customers’ request.
This way VIDIMA supplies ready-to-use mesh, with possible notching. These kinds of mesh are produced according to drawings provided by the customers.